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Selfies are trending and everyone is taking pics of themselves in cool places, showing the world their day to day lives. Mistress Anna has been taking self shots even before selfies began trending. She loves showing her members how classy and elegant she is and how beautiful her life is, spending the money members have been charged for in order to glance at her beauty and to be allowed to chat to this beautiful blonde Mistress. is her website, feel free to browse it and bookmark it so you can check back frequently. @mistressnylons is her handle on Twitter, check her out, she’s amazing.

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Remember that song “I Want Candy” on the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack? Well, as soon as I saw this girl’s beautiful twin lollipop candy tattoo, that song came to my dirty mind and yes… I want candy. This candy girl is featured on BadAss GFs, a girlfriend site devoted to self shot girls and camwhoring GFs who like showing off their tattoos, piercings and bleached, dyed, manic panic or koolaid ombre hair. The girls on the site cross all the major GF trends from punk, emo, goth, rocker, scene girl and more. But one thing is for sure, they are bad ass. And they all look like girlfriends you would want to hook up with.

This girl is a def knockout, pierced nipples, amazing lower belly swag tattoo, pale creamy skin, crystal blue eyes, platinum blonde hair. She has an innocent look that contrasts with her not so innocent sexy poses. I love that fucking contrast. I had to fap to this scene girl’s luscious gallery where she shows off her tits and shaved pussy. Now, as the song goes “I want candy all the time.” And so will you. Click her photos to check out more of this candy girl.

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The hottest self shot girl, the blond scene girl with the cutest pouty lips is back with more hot shots showing her boobs. I fell in love with her last year when she did some groupie self shots. Apparently, this scene girl can’t stop camwhoring and showing off her hot body and boobs, but can you blame her for being an attention whore? The pic of her with the raver party girl pacifier can only mean one thing, she has an oral fixation. I think I could help her out with that oral fixation and substitute something else for that pacifier haha. Seriously, this scene girl knows how to rock self shot photos. She has scene girl style and the sassy check me out attitude that a camwhoring girl needs.

This girl obviously loves knowing she has thousands of fans out there gazing at her hawtness and fapping. Check out the electrical tape on her titties, I’d peel it off with my teeth!

Click on either of her pics to see her scene girl self shot photo gallery. You can check out this self shot alternative GF and other self shot girls at My Alternative GF. The site offers a $1 trial and a membership gives you access to all the sites in their GF network. Gotta go, time to put her up as my iPhone wallpaper.

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I have seen stripper poles for $99 for sale on sex toy websites and thought wow this would be hot if I could talk my girlfriend into swinging around one while I watch. Yeah my girlfriend is hot. She dressed up as a stripper once and she did a little titty tease and gave me a sexy, slutty lap dance. But when I asked her to do it again, she said it didn’t do anything for her. Well that may be true, but it did something for me!!

And now we have a blond barely legal teen hottie who is here to strip tease and cock tease us by swinging around the stripper pole in her bedroom. She has a gallery of naughty non-nude girl videos for you to view and get off to. The non-nude girlfriend site only features amateur girls, self shot girls and cam whoring girls and the site is updated all the time, it’s not one of those stale sites that never gets updated. You won’t be able to resist these non-nude girls. Why waste time cruising Facebook trying to find profiles of hot girls who don’t have their photos set to private? Now you can find those photos and videos all on one site. Join for $1 for a trial and also get access to the whole Girlfriend Network. One of the most popular sites in The Girlfriend Network is Obsessed with Myself and it features the hottest self shot girls. Find out all the details on your $1 trial when you do the tour, click on the blond non-nude stripper girl and check it out.

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This beautiful self shot blonde emo girlfriend is one of the extremo emo girls. Long bleached out and streaked emo hair, emo tattoos, piercings. Her emo look reflects her emo soul. The tattoo on her chest of twin sparrows, a male and female sparrow, is significant because sparrows mate for life! You may have seen alt girl Andi San Dimas with her twin sparrows tattoo. And the sparrows on this blonde emo girlfriend are holding up a filigree heart sign in Latin that translates to: Love Destroys Me. Emo girls are all about love, wanting love and this blonde emo girlfriend girl wears a sign of her desire to find her true love and to be with him forever. But the underlying message is of doom, because the love which she desires, destroys her.

She has an emo girlfriend gallery of self shot photos, mixed in with some other beautiful alternative GFs. In the emo girl photo above, she reminds me of an alternative Scarlett Johansson. This emo girlfriend has that classic beauty. She is stuck between being a girl of 18 and a woman, the limbo that most emo girls in their late teens dwell in. Emo girls freeze time with their look, 18 forever, an emo girl lost and looking for love.

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Obsessed with Myself isn’t just a self shot website, it’s a cultural phenomenon where teen, college and 20-something girls feel compelled to shoot nude and non-nude self pics. I’m sure these girls have cell phones, photo sticks and thumb drives full of hot nude and non-nude self shots and continually snap new ones, because today is a new day, and a new day means new self shots for posting on the internet or sexting. Girls obsessed with self shots need comments on their self pics even if all they hear is hawttt. Their fragile self-esteem is ready to crack, no matter how hawttt their nude or non-nude self shots are.

Bottom line is you don’t want them to stop taking hawttt self pics do you? So next time you see a site like Rate My Self Shot, vote and vote high, because if these girls don’t hear from you with your vote or comment, they will just disappear into the ether and turn anorexic or get more tattoos or piercings or whatever they do for solace or self-punishment. I’m telling you the girls today, more so than ten or fifteen years ago, are very fucked up creatures. The media and our culture pushes them to the edge. Their self shots are desperate cries for attention: love me, love me not.

This beautiful blonde 18 or 19 is one of the fragile ones. Be sure to check out her unique gallery of self shots as she strips to full nude.

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This week, I’m totally into my hot new self shot blonde GF. My “Is She or Isn’t She a Real Blonde” Detect-o-Meter detects she is a real blonde which is a rarity outside of Scandinavia. Hmmm I wonder if she’s of Scandinavian heritage. Her eyes are an amazing Ice Princess blue. Her skin is so creamy. My blonde GF gets into taking self shot pics of herself, but doesn’t go full nude. That’s ok by me. Sometimes I like to use my imagination to fill in what I can’t see if a pretty girl isn’t totally naked. I also do this when I fantasize about hot actresses, models and singers who haven’t appeared topless or nude in films or photo shoots.

Blonde GF

Back to my beautiful non-nude blonde GF… what do her breasts looks like, are her nipples pale pink? Her pussy, is it shaved or does she have a beautiful blonde twat? I looked thru this hot blonde babe’s gallery of photos and saved this self pic I’m posting here on my blog to my cell phone camera collection. FYI: There are other sizzling hot blondes in this gallery for your self shot photo viewing pleasure, not just my new self shot blonde girlfriend. Click now to see some of the hottest self shot non nude blonde GFs! If you want to check out all the girlfriend photos and galleries at My Non Nude Girlfriend, you can sign up for a $1 for 1 day trial!

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An iPhone hacker claimed he cracked his way into a phone where there were a treasure trove of supposed nude and non-nude photos of celebrity, actress and Chanel model, Blake Lively. Of course, he exposed his hot blonde nude photo finds on the internet for people to decide for themselves if the nude self shot photos were Blake Lively or not. Blake Lively’s rep and the naysayers claimed it wasn’t Blake because she doesn’t have the moles that the nude babe has and that the naked selfpics are of a bustier blonde.

Then, the next day, the hacker delivered a non-nude photo which showed a hot blonde babe in a mirror self shot with an amazing resemblance to the popular actress and haute couture model along with over a dozen nude self shots. I’m not a Blake Lively expert. My girlfriend caught some episodes of Gossip Girl and reported her acting in the tv series was flat, but when we both saw her in the film, The Town, we agreed she was truly stellar in her trashy blonde Bostonian drug mule role.

My girlfriend didn’t think the first set of blonde self shot photos were of Blake Lively, until she saw the clothed photo and said, “If that’s not her, she has a twin!”

But then my girlfriend studied it closer and said, “It looks like a matching Chanel lipstick and nail polish shade. But those can’t be Blake Lively’s nails. She’d have a better manicure!” Nailed by the nails? I swear, chicks notice such details…

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