Scene Girl Selfie

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OK this scene girl bought some fake tits at the fake titty store, but she is still fkn hot! She looks like Minka Kelly and she has a nice place or else her bf does. Check out the expensive leather furniture, custom paint job on the walls, full bar and everything. I can’t quite read what her tatt says, it’s reversed out in the mirror, but she’s obviously into putting blaring body art on her amazing body and doesn’t mind sharing it with us! Looks like she just got back from Starbucks and is getting re-energized with a medium latte. Her smile looks natural, not like one of those forced fake smiles that girls pop out for their selfpics. I’m giving some space on my blog to this tattooed scene chick. I think she deserves to be featured here. She brought me a boner that I’m going to have to take care of now. And you can click on her pic to see more of her and other tattoo and scene girls at My Alternative GF.

scene girl selfies

Girls Go Crazy With Selfies

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Nowadays, girls go crazy with creating selfies. It’s becoming more and more popular to take self shot pictures and post them on the internet, especially on sites where comments can be made on photos. They love being told how cute or hot they are in their self shot pictures. When they start being told about how sexy they look and how fkn adorable they are, they start taking an increased number of self shot photos and do it more frequently. It seems like they get addicted to self shots, but should we care about their addiction? Below is just one reason why naked self shots are so hot!

girls showing off their boobs

The hot babes on are just hundreds of thousands or even millions of self shot addicts who love to snap hot pics of themselves any chance they get, especially when they’re in front of a mirror after a shower or getting dressed or feeling the desperate need for attention that girls feel. Some of these selfie sluts have the hottest bodies. And better yet, they have mastered taking best self shot photos you’ve seen in your life. Here’s another hottie who takes great selfies.

topless selfies

This hottie felt it was the perfect time to take a self shot photo right before she got into her sexy red dress for a dance later that evening. She looks super hot in only her green panties that would look even better on a bedroom floor, right? She has the ultimate body and perfect swurvy curves that are just the right shape to grab while … oh wait… you get the picture.

How to Take Self Shot Pics

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There are many ways to take self shot photos, but many of them aren’t exactly awesome or attractive. For example, it seems like every girl out there wants to take self shots while they look like a duck with their lips all pushed out. Not exactly sexy, but it’s better than some of the other self shots which don’t look attractive at all. Here’s some tips on how you can take good self shot photos that people will really enjoy and maybe even drool over!

Tip 1: Never, ever take a photo with a friend then crop them out of it to pass off your pic as a self shot. Everyone can tell that you’ve done this and it is an unacceptable practice among self shot fans. You know you want people to admire your beauty, so don’t cheat on taking self shots.

Tip 2: Some self shots can be taken in just one shot because the randomness of them, as well as the timing of them, may be absolutely perfect. This would create a very genuine self shot. However, sometimes it may take many tries to get the best self shot pictures. Sometimes you may not get the right angle, or the right look from your eyes, or the right lighting. Other times, you may not get the right facial expression for your self shot photo. So, don’t get discouraged if your self shots don’t work out to begin with.

Tip 3: The angle of the self shot plays a key role in how well it turns out. If you’re taking a self shot with the camera below chin level, all you’re going to see is a huge chin. If you hold your camera too high above your head, you’re going to look like you’re straining to look at the camera. Holding the camera at the proper angle ensures that you get a good angle on your eyes, nose, cheeks, jaw line, hair and everything else that makes your face, your face. Nobody wants to see self shots of your chin or your forehead, so make sure you take your self shots at the right angle!

Tip 4: Take your self shots in daylight. Artificial light gives a bad look in self shots because they don’t capture the natural beauty and glow of your skin. Don’t take self shots in the dark, because the flash will make you look like Casper the ghost, and will not capture the angles of your face that many people absolutely love. The best self shots are taken at random, during the day, with a great angle and good light from the sun.

Tip 5: Have fun with taking self shots! This is not a serious thing, and you’re not going to win an award for best self shot photos. Make funny faces. Make sensual, seductive faces. Pout your lips and eyes. do something that you know guys love to see and things that make guys melt. Tease them with those sexy eyes and those plump, red lips. You know how to do it!

Tip 6: Get creative by using apps that you can find on the Play Store and App Store! There are many apps out there that you can use to do modifications to your photos, and some of them are pretty awesome. You want to have some variety of self shots when you’re posting them on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you have hundreds of the exact same types of self shots such as pout faces, people will get a bit bored with that and eventually go find new self shots to ogle over.

Tip 7: Taking self shots is all about you being the natural you. Trying to be fake is never going to work. If you’re in a bad mood or feeling down, it will transmit into the message of that self shot and people won’t be too interested in it. Be in a happy mood, bouncy, whatever floats your boat. Take those random self shots while you’re enjoying yourself. If you have a favorite activity that you think might produce a great self shot picture, then snap a few! You’ll never know whether you look super hot doing whatever it is that you’re doing til you post it for everyone to see and enjoy!

Show Me Your Tits !

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sexy selfpics

Seriously, this chick needs to take off her shiny silver string bikini now. Didn’t she take slut courses online to learn how to be a real slut and not just tease us with a nipple poke and a twat flash? What a hot bitchin’ brunette with a nice crib, too. So many times with selfies, if you look a little closer at the selfpics, you can tell the girls are living in hovels. Their places are a fkn mess! Ok, I shouldn’t complain, because it’s not like I’m the epitome of good housekeeping. But sometimes I like seeing a classier babe flashing the goods in a nice bedroom, you know, some ambience, instead of sleaze. Not that you would turn down the pussy in either location. See more selfies of this Latina or Italian babe at GF Melons where the girls have nice big tetas and tatas, no matter if they are fakes or realz. I detect real tits on this girl, my faves. I like the feel of soft tits. Click on the pic of this bikini hottie above or the link below to see more big titties in sexy selfies!

Free Peeks at the Peaks!

BadAss GFs

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Remember that song “I Want Candy” on the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack? Well, as soon as I saw this girl’s beautiful twin lollipop candy tattoo, that song came to my dirty mind and yes… I want candy. This candy girl is featured on BadAss GFs, a girlfriend site devoted to self shot girls and camwhoring GFs who like showing off their tattoos, piercings and bleached, dyed, manic panic or koolaid ombre hair. The girls on the site cross all the major GF trends from punk, emo, goth, rocker, scene girl and more. But one thing is for sure, they are bad ass. And they all look like girlfriends you would want to hook up with.

This girl is a def knockout, pierced nipples, amazing lower belly swag tattoo, pale creamy skin, crystal blue eyes, platinum blonde hair. She has an innocent look that contrasts with her not so innocent sexy poses. I love that fucking contrast. I had to fap to this scene girl’s luscious gallery where she shows off her tits and shaved pussy. Now, as the song goes “I want candy all the time.” And so will you. Click her photos to check out more of this candy girl.

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Hand Bra Girls

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You know us dudes don’t get invited to hand bra parties where slutty camwhoring emo girls are taking self shots showing off their boobs, guarding their nipples with hand bras. But when we see hand bra girls pics like this, well, we can do more than imagine a little lezzie party where emo girls take self pics and lick a little kitty. A double dipper, 2 girls doing hand bras while the third takes the self shot, perfecto! I wondered how many more pics of these hot emo girls were in their gallery, so I took a peek. Wowza. Not only were there pics of these self shooting emo babes, but a lot of other scene whores with or without their clothes, so you could say: clothing optional haha. is the hot spot for self shot and other pics and videos of altgirls making sure their hotness isn’t hidden in their bedroom behind their computer facebooking it for hours or reading 50 Shades of Grey on their mom’s Kindle. These girls aren’t shy. Camwhoring is more popular than ever and you should take a free peek too at these emo sluts and other scene babes. Click the pic and grab your dick!

EMO GIRL BOOBS – check ‘em out!

Christina Hendricks Self Shot Photos

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Cell phone hackers are occasionally able to expose the most naughty self shot photos on celebrity girls camera phones. Hacked self shot photos can command a high price on the sleazy online tabloids and gossip blogs. But… no matter if they are singers, actresses, celebrities or amateurs, the bottom line is all girls are self shot girls. They love taking mirror pics, self pics, tit pics and sexting them to their BFs, hubbies, fucks or whoever. In the case of Christina Hendricks, who is married, these must have been for her hubby’s eyes only. While Christina denies they are her self shot photos, it’s obvious, her tits are unmistakable, along with her signature red hair and voluptuous body. Why deny? Why not just admit it and say yes, I love being in front of the camera, I’m a camwhore, I took some hot pics for my husband to fap to when we’re apart.

I’ve got pics of my GF to fap to, although I rarely fap to hers, I like to fap to new pics I find on the net like at We men are visual and need new new new self shot pics to fap to and get that rush. I could only imagine what it would be like to titty fuck Christina Hendricks’ soft pillow tits and leave a pearl necklace behind.

Self Shot Girl Pics

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The hottest self shot girl, the blond scene girl with the cutest pouty lips is back with more hot shots showing her boobs. I fell in love with her last year when she did some groupie self shots. Apparently, this scene girl can’t stop camwhoring and showing off her hot body and boobs, but can you blame her for being an attention whore? The pic of her with the raver party girl pacifier can only mean one thing, she has an oral fixation. I think I could help her out with that oral fixation and substitute something else for that pacifier haha. Seriously, this scene girl knows how to rock self shot photos. She has scene girl style and the sassy check me out attitude that a camwhoring girl needs.

This girl obviously loves knowing she has thousands of fans out there gazing at her hawtness and fapping. Check out the electrical tape on her titties, I’d peel it off with my teeth!

Click on either of her pics to see her scene girl self shot photo gallery. You can check out this self shot alternative GF and other self shot girls at My Alternative GF. The site offers a $1 trial and a membership gives you access to all the sites in their GF network. Gotta go, time to put her up as my iPhone wallpaper.

Blond Non-Nude Girl Strip Tease

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I have seen stripper poles for $99 for sale on sex toy websites and thought wow this would be hot if I could talk my girlfriend into swinging around one while I watch. Yeah my girlfriend is hot. She dressed up as a stripper once and she did a little titty tease and gave me a sexy, slutty lap dance. But when I asked her to do it again, she said it didn’t do anything for her. Well that may be true, but it did something for me!!

And now we have a blond barely legal teen hottie who is here to strip tease and cock tease us by swinging around the stripper pole in her bedroom. She has a gallery of naughty non-nude girl videos for you to view and get off to. The non-nude girlfriend site only features amateur girls, self shot girls and cam whoring girls and the site is updated all the time, it’s not one of those stale sites that never gets updated. You won’t be able to resist these non-nude girls. Why waste time cruising Facebook trying to find profiles of hot girls who don’t have their photos set to private? Now you can find those photos and videos all on one site. Join for $1 for a trial and also get access to the whole Girlfriend Network. One of the most popular sites in The Girlfriend Network is Obsessed with Myself and it features the hottest self shot girls. Find out all the details on your $1 trial when you do the tour, click on the blond non-nude stripper girl and check it out.