Beautiful Blonde Emo Girlfriend with Tattoos

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This beautiful self shot blonde emo girlfriend is one of the extremo emo girls. Long bleached out and streaked emo hair, emo tattoos, piercings. Her emo look reflects her emo soul. The tattoo on her chest of twin sparrows, a male and female sparrow, is significant because sparrows mate for life! You may have seen alt girl Andi San Dimas with her twin sparrows tattoo. And the sparrows on this blonde emo girlfriend are holding up a filigree heart sign in Latin that translates to: Love Destroys Me. Emo girls are all about love, wanting love and this blonde emo girlfriend girl wears a sign of her desire to find her true love and to be with him forever. But the underlying message is of doom, because the love which she desires, destroys her.

She has an emo girlfriend gallery of self shot photos, mixed in with some other beautiful alternative GFs. In the emo girl photo above, she reminds me of an alternative Scarlett Johansson. This emo girlfriend has that classic beauty. She is stuck between being a girl of 18 and a woman, the limbo that most emo girls in their late teens dwell in. Emo girls freeze time with their look, 18 forever, an emo girl lost and looking for love.

Scarlett Johansson Self Shot

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This past week was a hot week for hacked celebrity self shot photos. Hacked self shot photos of Scarlett Johansson surfaced and were posted all over the web. Just as quickly, cease and desist emails and letters were sent out by Scarlett’s attorney to take down her celebrity self shots. No confirmation was ever made by Scarlett that the self shot photos were hers, but it was obvious when her attorney immediately got on the case of the hacked self shot photos and when the FBI was alerted to investigate, there was no doubt the photos depicted Scarlett.

The celebrity self shots showed Scarlett posing in an artistic side boob view and a rear view bathroom shot, rear view as in Scarlett’s ass nude. My opinion? The photos weren’t that hot, Scarlett looks much hotter with her clothes on and with a push-up bra leveraging her cleavage. Not that I would say the self shot photos were terribly disappointing 😉 However, the video below by the infamous Taiwanese animators who brought us the Tiger Woods car accident with Elin Nordegren chasing with a 9 iron among other amusing animations, brought us the Scarlett Johansson video featuring her hacked celebrity self shot photos story.

In addition to hacked photos of Scarlett Johansson, we were teased with the thought of Mila Kunis self shot photos as Mila’s cell phone was hacked and photos on her cell phone were exposed on the web, except none of her photos were nude self shot photos. Dammit! Her hacked cell phone photos featured a naked penis though. OK whose penis was it, was the burning question of the week. Justin Timberlake denied it was his penis. God forbid it was McCaulay Culkin’s penis (Culkin is her ex-boyfriend).

The cell phone hacking ring has been busy: Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few of the hotties whose hacked self shot celebrity photos which been exposed on the internet.

Self Shot Girl

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Obsessed with Myself isn’t just a self shot website, it’s a cultural phenomenon where teen, college and 20-something girls feel compelled to shoot nude and non-nude self pics. I’m sure these girls have cell phones, photo sticks and thumb drives full of hot nude and non-nude self shots and continually snap new ones, because today is a new day, and a new day means new self shots for posting on the internet or sexting. Girls obsessed with self shots need comments on their self pics even if all they hear is hawttt. Their fragile self-esteem is ready to crack, no matter how hawttt their nude or non-nude self shots are.

Bottom line is you don’t want them to stop taking hawttt self pics do you? So next time you see a site like Rate My Self Shot, vote and vote high, because if these girls don’t hear from you with your vote or comment, they will just disappear into the ether and turn anorexic or get more tattoos or piercings or whatever they do for solace or self-punishment. I’m telling you the girls today, more so than ten or fifteen years ago, are very fucked up creatures. The media and our culture pushes them to the edge. Their self shots are desperate cries for attention: love me, love me not.

This beautiful blonde 18 or 19 is one of the fragile ones. Be sure to check out her unique gallery of self shots as she strips to full nude.

Hot Blonde GF

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This week, I’m totally into my hot new self shot blonde GF. My “Is She or Isn’t She a Real Blonde” Detect-o-Meter detects she is a real blonde which is a rarity outside of Scandinavia. Hmmm I wonder if she’s of Scandinavian heritage. Her eyes are an amazing Ice Princess blue. Her skin is so creamy. My blonde GF gets into taking self shot pics of herself, but doesn’t go full nude. That’s ok by me. Sometimes I like to use my imagination to fill in what I can’t see if a pretty girl isn’t totally naked. I also do this when I fantasize about hot actresses, models and singers who haven’t appeared topless or nude in films or photo shoots.

Blonde GF

Back to my beautiful non-nude blonde GF… what do her breasts looks like, are her nipples pale pink? Her pussy, is it shaved or does she have a beautiful blonde twat? I looked thru this hot blonde babe’s gallery of photos and saved this self pic I’m posting here on my blog to my cell phone camera collection. FYI: There are other sizzling hot blondes in this gallery for your self shot photo viewing pleasure, not just my new self shot blonde girlfriend. Click now to see some of the hottest self shot non nude blonde GFs! If you want to check out all the girlfriend photos and galleries at My Non Nude Girlfriend, you can sign up for a $1 for 1 day trial!

Hot Girlfriend Selfpics

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Dear University of Wisconsin Madison Badger Girlfriend,

I recognize the Bucky Badger mascot on your school colors t-shirt. And I have to confess I think I have fallen in love with you and your non nude self shot pics. In April I was in love with the Jessica Alba lookalike girl, in May I didn’t have a crush. Alas, I have a girlfriend I’m committed to and so I only crush on girls whose self shot photos I see online.

Badger Girl, you have the most beautiful hazel eyes in your non-nude self shots. You have the most expressive lips. You rise above camwhores to a new level of angelic babes. In this photo, you are saying in such a sweet shy way: hi. I felt weak when I first saw your self shot pic. You have it, it is something that transcends the typical camwhoring self shot girls.

You remind me of Rose McGowan. I remember when I first saw Rose McGowan in the tv show Charmed. She was Charmed, the other Charmed bitches, where are they now? Nowhere. Well, another Charmed actress and perennial girlfriend Alyssa Milano has her own girly baseball t-shirt line that she dreamt up after dating pitcher Barry Zito of the Giants. But you Badger Girl, you could be an actress. You charm the camera with your non-nude selfpics.

Hot Rose McGowan Photo

I love the sprinkle of freckles on your cute nose and how you don’t need to put on lipstick or make-up to look like the beautiful girlfriend babe you are. If I only knew who you were, I’d head into Madison in my white Mustang and take you away from your dorm room and ride off into Wisconsin sunset.

To see more of my new Badger girlfriend, whose beauty I’d rather keep to myself, but I realize that would be too selfish not to share her non-nude self shot photos ← click on the hyperlink or click on her photo and be charmed.

Emo Self Shot Girl Rocks Purple Hair

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Enough of the celebrity self shot photos and self shot photo scandals, it’s time to go back to the real self shot girls, the beautiful amateur camwhore girlfriends and babes. After seeing this non-nude emo babe, I think purple is my new favorite color. I don’t see too many altgirls with real purple hair, not just hair extensions. Mostly I see a lot of cherry red and neon blue hair and Harajaku inspired hair extensions. This girl rocks the purple hair. Maybe it’s a new purple-licious Manic Panic color.

So just like the other Emo Girl who reminded me of the Rolling Stones song “She’s a Rainbow”, this girl reminds me of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Purple Haze”. Now before someone leaves a comment on this blog post that Purple Haze was actually a nickname for a type of acid popular back in the 60’s and 70’s, dude I already know that. But just gazing at this emo self shot girl, you could think you were hallucinating. Check out these lines from “Purple Haze”:

Purple haze all around
Don’t know if I’m going up or down
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is that girl put a spell on me

Yes, the non nude emo girl with the purple hair has put a spell on me and if you want her to put a spell on you, check out her emo self shot photos!

Weiner’s Self Shot Girlfriends

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When will the full collection of Anthony Weiner’s self shot online girlfriends hit one single self shot photo blog? I’ve been able to find several of the self shot pics of MILF Megan Broussard, but no self pics of the pornstar Ginger Lee who is now capitalizing on her 15 minutes of fame by quickly booking feature dancer nights at strip clubs.

Megan Broussard, a mid-20s MILF from Texas, didn’t get racier than showing off some cleavage in her retro lace bra cloaked in her white terry bathrobe in this mirror self shot. Her selfpic also featured the stereotypical “duck face”.

I personally don’t like the pursed lips duck face self shots, but I know this is a very popular lip pose for girls doing self pics. Duck face, pussy V sign (peace sign), fuck finger or other girl gang signs are the rage in hot girls self shot photos.

I don’t know how these classic self shot poses caught on. I think the whole self shot posing trend started on Myspace first, back when Myspace was the place to post self shots, and that this launched the self shot trends we now see on Facebook, Flickr, Twitpic and other popular social networking and photo sharing sites. Since I’ve followed the history of self shots, like some unofficial photo librarian, every self shot girl seems derivative in respect to self shot poses. But every hot self shot girl is worth a look, or a second look, or a “save to faves”.

Blake Lively Self Shots or Nots?

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An iPhone hacker claimed he cracked his way into a phone where there were a treasure trove of supposed nude and non-nude photos of celebrity, actress and Chanel model, Blake Lively. Of course, he exposed his hot blonde nude photo finds on the internet for people to decide for themselves if the nude self shot photos were Blake Lively or not. Blake Lively’s rep and the naysayers claimed it wasn’t Blake because she doesn’t have the moles that the nude babe has and that the naked selfpics are of a bustier blonde.

Then, the next day, the hacker delivered a non-nude photo which showed a hot blonde babe in a mirror self shot with an amazing resemblance to the popular actress and haute couture model along with over a dozen nude self shots. I’m not a Blake Lively expert. My girlfriend caught some episodes of Gossip Girl and reported her acting in the tv series was flat, but when we both saw her in the film, The Town, we agreed she was truly stellar in her trashy blonde Bostonian drug mule role.

My girlfriend didn’t think the first set of blonde self shot photos were of Blake Lively, until she saw the clothed photo and said, “If that’s not her, she has a twin!”

But then my girlfriend studied it closer and said, “It looks like a matching Chanel lipstick and nail polish shade. But those can’t be Blake Lively’s nails. She’d have a better manicure!” Nailed by the nails? I swear, chicks notice such details…

Self Shot Camwhore Hottie

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Gabbie the super babe has one of the hottest self shot camwhore galleries I’ve seen in a while, stripping down from clothed to semi-clothed to bikini to nude! She has one of the most bangin’ girlfriend bods too. Check out her sweet B cup tits, sexy belly button piercing, shaved ‘n’ tight little twat.

What I wouldn’t give to have a hottie girlfriend like Gabbie send me her camwhoring pics to my iPhone so I’d new self shot pics handy, pun intended. These self shot girls love to tease and show off. Each girlfriend selfpic is a precious gift to us horny guys and we should appreciate seeing real girls nude or even non-nude girlfriends. It’s way better than viewing dr. frankenstein creations a/k/a plastic porn stars. Real girls rule and should rule the internet. They already rule Facebook, Twitpic, Flickr and other social networking sites. Hopefully you guys have a few camwhore hotties sexting you pics to your smart phone. If my gf ever made me clean out my iPhone of all the camwhore self shot photos that I’ve saved, I’d seriously have to break off with her. My private collection of self shot pics is sacred!

Hello Kitty Emo Girls

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The Hello Kitty obsession is so Emo that Hello Kitty and Emo have become synonymous. Emo girls wear Hello Kitty jewelry, clothes, get Hello Kitty tattoos, carry Hello Kitty accessories like purses or backpacks, keep Hello Kitty plushies on their bed or do up their bedrooms with Hello Kitty swag: sheets, pillows, posters, fluffy Hello Kitty rugs.

The Hello Kitty obsession first caught on as a trend in Japan and went totally wild. In Japan, the Hello Kitty trend didn’t start out as Emo, although Emo is now popular in Japan as well. But then Hello Kitty became a total worldwide Emo obsession.

Why did Emo girls adopt Hello Kitty so fiercely? Here are a few theories I’ve come up with, based on my observations of Hello Kitty Emo girls: Theory #1: Hello Kitty is cute and cuddly which is part of Emo symbolism, Emo girls are cute and want to be cuddled. Theory #2: Emo girls want to balance out their devilish side (symbolized by skulls) with the cutesy Hello Kitty in a yin yang style of harmony of opposites. Theory #3: Hello Kitty is a brand that Emo girls grew up with and part of them doesn’t want to grow up, even though they’re 18, 19, 20, they do not want to become women, or become adults with adult responsibilities. Emo girls want to remain girls forever and live in their Emo girl world.

If you want to see cute Emo girls indulging in their Hello Kitty obsession, click and see the Emo Girl photos and videos for yourself! When you join you can download all the Emo Girl video clips to your computer so you can keep them and watch them whenever, forever!