Body Painting Selfies

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Girls go to body painting booths to get body painting done by hand or sprayed on. Body painting booths are all the rage in Miami Beach where you can even get a spray on bikini so you can go nude to the beach (except for your body paint). Or you can get some artistic body painting done before hitting the clubs. Body painting is part of the body art scene, but the best part about body painting is that it isn’t permanent like tattoos. You have to live with a tattoo and even deal with tattoo regret in case you feel that terrible remorse for getting that regrettable tatt one nite when you were drunk and you and all your gfs got tatted together. Unless you dare to get progressive laser removal treatments which are painful, expensive and don’t completely remove the tattoo, but just make it look like a faded memory. Body painting allows you to express your changing moods without regret.

This altgirl shares a selfie with us of her own body painting of a garland of flowers. She was too shy to show her face, but who cares when she showed just about everything else. See more of this selfie slut and other altgirls taking self shot pics when you click the pic below.