Girls Who Look Like Dolls

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You’ve probably heard of that phenomenon where girls try to make themselves look like dolls, and not just Barbie Dolls, which is all the rage right now, but any type of dolls. They want to achieve doll perfection. Many of these girls are into the cosplay scene and are even cosplay models or minor celebs in the cosplay circuit. Some of these girls who look like dolls freak me out. I’m not sure if it’s their doll like look or that it feels kinda wrong to look at them, even tho they are all over 18. Even my emo gf looks at them and freaks about their makeup or claims they are all photoshopped or must keep botox and filler syringes in their makeup bags. She says these emo girls never want to grow up or be women or age or get a single wrinkle, they want to stay in a perpetual girl doll-like state forever.

Sometimes these doll girls shoot selfies and look too perfect to be real. Like you want to poke them to see if they are vinyl or flesh and I mean poke them with a stick, not your dick. OK maybe poke them with your dick, too. This girl is an emo doll with a selfie taking obsession. You can see more of her and other emo girls who want to like to look like dolls at My Alternative GF.

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