Most Selfies Shot Where?

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Time Magazine recently released an interesting report on what locations in the world produce the most selfies. And I never would have guessed that coming in at Number One was a metro area in the Philippines, specifically the Manila metro area. While most self shot photo aficionados know that Asian girls shoot a lot of attention whoring self shots, guessing that Filipinas shoot the most selfie pics would not have been my first, twentieth or even fiftieth guesses. I would have guessed Japanese girls to be the first, since Jav girls are smartphone technophile selfie-taking addicts. But they didn’t even make the Top 50.

On rankings, Manhattan follows at the second most popular location for selfies followed by Miami. I definitely would have positioned those two self-obsessed cities in my Top 10. Miami is driven by a body culture, club culture and culture of self-importance. New York City is equally driven by the same subcultures and is also fame-obsessed. A concentration of selfie-takers in the Los Angeles area comes in fourth. Scattered worldwide distribution of self shot pics from locations in Malaysia, Israel, England and Italy round out the Top 10 selfie obsessive locales. gleaned their data from Instagram, the biggest selfie photo dump in the entire universe.

Asian girls shoot a lot of attention woring self shots

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