Please Make Kim Kardashian Stop Taking Selfies!!!

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Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest selfie addicts in the entire world. Every day online, it seems like there is some new attention whore self shot photo of Kim making the rounds in the tabloids and gossip blogs, as if the most important media event of the day was that Kim Kardashian took another selfie and posted it to Instagram. I am sure that while Kim takes hundreds of selfies a week, she is so vain that she and her pimp mother manager have to sort thru these pics for the most perfectly posed self shots and then dispatch them to Kim’s personal Photoshop Sweatshop of Hell where a bunch of Filipinos digitally enhance her pics and make her look like she isn’t some desperate fat-assed botoxed celeb on the wrong side of thirty. Which is impossible. I wish I could erase all of Kim’s infamous self shots from my mind, but some of them are permanently seared into my brain matter, for which no amount of drugs or alcohol will make them go away. Apparently, nothing will make Kim Kardashian stop taking selfies, not even being preggo, post-preggo, nothing!

The only thing that came close to stopping Kim K from posting her selfies to Instagram, but not from taking these selfpics, was when Instagram changed their TOS announcing they owned the rights to all the photos uploaded there. Kim, the Kween of Instagram, threw a temper tantrum about this. Apparently, her hissy fit was resolved, maybe Kim got special dispensation due to being selfy royalty.