Tanning Bed Selfies

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Within the selfie niche, there are many sub-niches like mirror shots, car shots, hand bra shots, duckface shots, etc. But one of my fave niches is tanning bed selfies where girls shoot pics of themselves in tanning beds, nude or in bikinis. You know these girls want to show off their banging bodies. And the view of looking down the length of their bods, tits first, is boner-ific. These girls are already obsessed with their look since they’re tanning salon whore-lets to begin with. Some of these chicks shoot before, during and after their session to show off their fake ‘n’ bake suntan progression to the world, well make that Instagram.

Some of these girls will upload their tanned pics to self shot pay sites and make a little spare change for their salon visits. Last time I checked into a tanning salon membership, because I was feeling a little pale in the winter, it was like $33 a month for max 2 visits a week. So yeah, why not sell some titty pics and make enough to hit the salon with a vengeance. Some of these girls will only sell their body pics, like they have no hang-up about being topless or nude online, but won’t show their faces. They like being an anonymous cock tease.

To see more of this big-titted tanning salon babe, click her pic or click the link below to see more selfpics of girls with big tits.

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