World Class Assholes

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Usually I can not stand butt-hurt people but to an extent I will make an exception when it comes to this site. You see, the pics and vids posted up on this site is predominantly by ex-boyfriends who are exacting revenge on their ex-girfriends for breaking up with them or whatever excuse or reason they might feel which all simply boils down to them being butt-hurt and stooping down to the lowest level by posting up the most intimate moments of their ex’s who implicitly trusted them when sharing these pics and vids with them.

If it weren’t for them being such absolute assholes we would of course not be privy to these lovely pics and for that reason am I making the exception. 😀

There’s something taboo about checking out a everyday girl in the nude, a bit of a voyeur element and perhaps that’s the appeal here. What might appeal to you even more is this massive 81% in savings with our GF Revenge discount and the combination of the great content and the cheap membership fee to 100% exclusive content might be a winner for you.