Self Shot Mistress

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Selfies are trending and everyone is taking pics of themselves in cool places, showing the world their day to day lives. Mistress Anna has been taking self shots even before selfies began trending. She loves showing her members how classy and elegant she is and how beautiful her life is, spending the money members have been charged for in order to glance at her beauty and to be allowed to chat to this beautiful blonde Mistress. is her website, feel free to browse it and bookmark it so you can check back frequently. @mistressnylons is her handle on Twitter, check her out, she’s amazing.

Most Selfies Shot Where?

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Time Magazine recently released an interesting report on what locations in the world produce the most selfies. And I never would have guessed that coming in at Number One was a metro area in the Philippines, specifically the Manila metro area. While most self shot photo aficionados know that Asian girls shoot a lot of attention whoring self shots, guessing that Filipinas shoot the most selfie pics would not have been my first, twentieth or even fiftieth guesses. I would have guessed Japanese girls to be the first, since Jav girls are smartphone technophile selfie-taking addicts. But they didn’t even make the Top 50.

On rankings, Manhattan follows at the second most popular location for selfies followed by Miami. I definitely would have positioned those two self-obsessed cities in my Top 10. Miami is driven by a body culture, club culture and culture of self-importance. New York City is equally driven by the same subcultures and is also fame-obsessed. A concentration of selfie-takers in the Los Angeles area comes in fourth. Scattered worldwide distribution of self shot pics from locations in Malaysia, Israel, England and Italy round out the Top 10 selfie obsessive locales. gleaned their data from Instagram, the biggest selfie photo dump in the entire universe.

Asian girls shoot a lot of attention woring self shots

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Girls Who Look Like Dolls

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You’ve probably heard of that phenomenon where girls try to make themselves look like dolls, and not just Barbie Dolls, which is all the rage right now, but any type of dolls. They want to achieve doll perfection. Many of these girls are into the cosplay scene and are even cosplay models or minor celebs in the cosplay circuit. Some of these girls who look like dolls freak me out. I’m not sure if it’s their doll like look or that it feels kinda wrong to look at them, even tho they are all over 18. Even my emo gf looks at them and freaks about their makeup or claims they are all photoshopped or must keep botox and filler syringes in their makeup bags. She says these emo girls never want to grow up or be women or age or get a single wrinkle, they want to stay in a perpetual girl doll-like state forever.

Sometimes these doll girls shoot selfies and look too perfect to be real. Like you want to poke them to see if they are vinyl or flesh and I mean poke them with a stick, not your dick. OK maybe poke them with your dick, too. This girl is an emo doll with a selfie taking obsession. You can see more of her and other emo girls who want to like to look like dolls at My Alternative GF.

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Tanning Bed Selfies

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Within the selfie niche, there are many sub-niches like mirror shots, car shots, hand bra shots, duckface shots, etc. But one of my fave niches is tanning bed selfies where girls shoot pics of themselves in tanning beds, nude or in bikinis. You know these girls want to show off their banging bodies. And the view of looking down the length of their bods, tits first, is boner-ific. These girls are already obsessed with their look since they’re tanning salon whore-lets to begin with. Some of these chicks shoot before, during and after their session to show off their fake ‘n’ bake suntan progression to the world, well make that Instagram.

Some of these girls will upload their tanned pics to self shot pay sites and make a little spare change for their salon visits. Last time I checked into a tanning salon membership, because I was feeling a little pale in the winter, it was like $33 a month for max 2 visits a week. So yeah, why not sell some titty pics and make enough to hit the salon with a vengeance. Some of these girls will only sell their body pics, like they have no hang-up about being topless or nude online, but won’t show their faces. They like being an anonymous cock tease.

To see more of this big-titted tanning salon babe, click her pic or click the link below to see more selfpics of girls with big tits.

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Please Make Kim Kardashian Stop Taking Selfies!!!

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Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest selfie addicts in the entire world. Every day online, it seems like there is some new attention whore self shot photo of Kim making the rounds in the tabloids and gossip blogs, as if the most important media event of the day was that Kim Kardashian took another selfie and posted it to Instagram. I am sure that while Kim takes hundreds of selfies a week, she is so vain that she and her pimp mother manager have to sort thru these pics for the most perfectly posed self shots and then dispatch them to Kim’s personal Photoshop Sweatshop of Hell where a bunch of Filipinos digitally enhance her pics and make her look like she isn’t some desperate fat-assed botoxed celeb on the wrong side of thirty. Which is impossible. I wish I could erase all of Kim’s infamous self shots from my mind, but some of them are permanently seared into my brain matter, for which no amount of drugs or alcohol will make them go away. Apparently, nothing will make Kim Kardashian stop taking selfies, not even being preggo, post-preggo, nothing!

The only thing that came close to stopping Kim K from posting her selfies to Instagram, but not from taking these selfpics, was when Instagram changed their TOS announcing they owned the rights to all the photos uploaded there. Kim, the Kween of Instagram, threw a temper tantrum about this. Apparently, her hissy fit was resolved, maybe Kim got special dispensation due to being selfy royalty.

Body Painting Selfies

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Girls go to body painting booths to get body painting done by hand or sprayed on. Body painting booths are all the rage in Miami Beach where you can even get a spray on bikini so you can go nude to the beach (except for your body paint). Or you can get some artistic body painting done before hitting the clubs. Body painting is part of the body art scene, but the best part about body painting is that it isn’t permanent like tattoos. You have to live with a tattoo and even deal with tattoo regret in case you feel that terrible remorse for getting that regrettable tatt one nite when you were drunk and you and all your gfs got tatted together. Unless you dare to get progressive laser removal treatments which are painful, expensive and don’t completely remove the tattoo, but just make it look like a faded memory. Body painting allows you to express your changing moods without regret.

This altgirl shares a selfie with us of her own body painting of a garland of flowers. She was too shy to show her face, but who cares when she showed just about everything else. See more of this selfie slut and other altgirls taking self shot pics when you click the pic below.


Self Shot Fails

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One of the things that sometimes cracks me up about girls taking selfies is when their pets are in the shot and are totally bored or nonchalant about their owner stripping naked and showing off the goods. I saw a gallery once on The Chive featuring self shot fails where girls were posing and their pets were in the shot or even worse fails. All you have to do to see self shot fails like this is google “self shot fails”.

This Vanessa Hudgens girlfriend lookalike has a big selfpics gallery and she even shows off the bush. It’s trimmed and neat, not out of control. (Sorry, I’m just not a fan of the 60’s and 70’s bush resurgence in popularity.) This pretty girl has a cute baby fat muffin top and perky tits in her selfies gallery. You should take a look how she starts out clothed in a cute summer dress then strips down to black bra then totally naked for us. Take some time to appreciate the time and energy this girl put into her self shot pics. Click the pic below to see all her pics full size!


Scene Girl Selfie

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OK this scene girl bought some fake tits at the fake titty store, but she is still fkn hot! She looks like Minka Kelly and she has a nice place or else her bf does. Check out the expensive leather furniture, custom paint job on the walls, full bar and everything. I can’t quite read what her tatt says, it’s reversed out in the mirror, but she’s obviously into putting blaring body art on her amazing body and doesn’t mind sharing it with us! Looks like she just got back from Starbucks and is getting re-energized with a medium latte. Her smile looks natural, not like one of those forced fake smiles that girls pop out for their selfpics. I’m giving some space on my blog to this tattooed scene chick. I think she deserves to be featured here. She brought me a boner that I’m going to have to take care of now. And you can click on her pic to see more of her and other tattoo and scene girls at My Alternative GF.

scene girl selfies

Girls Go Crazy With Selfies

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Nowadays, girls go crazy with creating selfies. It’s becoming more and more popular to take self shot pictures and post them on the internet, especially on sites where comments can be made on photos. They love being told how cute or hot they are in their self shot pictures. When they start being told about how sexy they look and how fkn adorable they are, they start taking an increased number of self shot photos and do it more frequently. It seems like they get addicted to self shots, but should we care about their addiction? Below is just one reason why naked self shots are so hot!

girls showing off their boobs

The hot babes on are just hundreds of thousands or even millions of self shot addicts who love to snap hot pics of themselves any chance they get, especially when they’re in front of a mirror after a shower or getting dressed or feeling the desperate need for attention that girls feel. Some of these selfie sluts have the hottest bodies. And better yet, they have mastered taking best self shot photos you’ve seen in your life. Here’s another hottie who takes great selfies.

topless selfies

This hottie felt it was the perfect time to take a self shot photo right before she got into her sexy red dress for a dance later that evening. She looks super hot in only her green panties that would look even better on a bedroom floor, right? She has the ultimate body and perfect swurvy curves that are just the right shape to grab while … oh wait… you get the picture.

How to Take Self Shot Pics

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There are many ways to take self shot photos, but many of them aren’t exactly awesome or attractive. For example, it seems like every girl out there wants to take self shots while they look like a duck with their lips all pushed out. Not exactly sexy, but it’s better than some of the other self shots which don’t look attractive at all. Here’s some tips on how you can take good self shot photos that people will really enjoy and maybe even drool over!

Tip 1: Never, ever take a photo with a friend then crop them out of it to pass off your pic as a self shot. Everyone can tell that you’ve done this and it is an unacceptable practice among self shot fans. You know you want people to admire your beauty, so don’t cheat on taking self shots.

Tip 2: Some self shots can be taken in just one shot because the randomness of them, as well as the timing of them, may be absolutely perfect. This would create a very genuine self shot. However, sometimes it may take many tries to get the best self shot pictures. Sometimes you may not get the right angle, or the right look from your eyes, or the right lighting. Other times, you may not get the right facial expression for your self shot photo. So, don’t get discouraged if your self shots don’t work out to begin with.

Tip 3: The angle of the self shot plays a key role in how well it turns out. If you’re taking a self shot with the camera below chin level, all you’re going to see is a huge chin. If you hold your camera too high above your head, you’re going to look like you’re straining to look at the camera. Holding the camera at the proper angle ensures that you get a good angle on your eyes, nose, cheeks, jaw line, hair and everything else that makes your face, your face. Nobody wants to see self shots of your chin or your forehead, so make sure you take your self shots at the right angle!

Tip 4: Take your self shots in daylight. Artificial light gives a bad look in self shots because they don’t capture the natural beauty and glow of your skin. Don’t take self shots in the dark, because the flash will make you look like Casper the ghost, and will not capture the angles of your face that many people absolutely love. The best self shots are taken at random, during the day, with a great angle and good light from the sun.

Tip 5: Have fun with taking self shots! This is not a serious thing, and you’re not going to win an award for best self shot photos. Make funny faces. Make sensual, seductive faces. Pout your lips and eyes. do something that you know guys love to see and things that make guys melt. Tease them with those sexy eyes and those plump, red lips. You know how to do it!

Tip 6: Get creative by using apps that you can find on the Play Store and App Store! There are many apps out there that you can use to do modifications to your photos, and some of them are pretty awesome. You want to have some variety of self shots when you’re posting them on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you have hundreds of the exact same types of self shots such as pout faces, people will get a bit bored with that and eventually go find new self shots to ogle over.

Tip 7: Taking self shots is all about you being the natural you. Trying to be fake is never going to work. If you’re in a bad mood or feeling down, it will transmit into the message of that self shot and people won’t be too interested in it. Be in a happy mood, bouncy, whatever floats your boat. Take those random self shots while you’re enjoying yourself. If you have a favorite activity that you think might produce a great self shot picture, then snap a few! You’ll never know whether you look super hot doing whatever it is that you’re doing til you post it for everyone to see and enjoy!