She’s a Rainbow….

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Cute scene girl groupie reminds me of the lyrics from a vintage 60’s psychedelic song by the Rolling Stones…

She comes in colors everywhere
She combs her hair
She’s like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
She comes in colors…

This scene girl groupie has colored her hair to look like a beautiful rainbow. And what’s at the end of the rainbow? Her heart. She’s taken elements from different alt girl themes: emo, punk, scene and has made them into her own individual look. If you click over to her self shot gallery, you’ll see her wearing a bead necklace which is totally emo. Plus piercings and gauged earrings. These could either be punk or emo. Punks started the facial piercings and gauged earrings back when punk first arose as a cultural and fashion force in the UK in the 70’s.

Are the new scene girls mining the different eras and styles of alt cultures and then creating their own personal crossover look? It’s pretty rare that I see a straight emo, goth or punk girl without an element of another scene. Perhaps there is no scene purity. Instead, there is scene girl individualism and attitude. Speaking of attitude, in her self shot scene girl photo gallery she has self pics where she sports a gun charm and emo bandito bandana, showing she’s a dangerous, edgy girl. What is she ready to steal? Your heart.