New Website: Non Nude Girlfriends!

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Not every girl has to get naked to be hot. Like this girl in her bra and thong set, she is so fucking awesome to have set up her self pic so we see her thong in the double mirror self shot. When I see some sexy non-nude self shots of a hottie like this, I put her in my “spank bank” for later.

I personally think it’s hotter to jack off to real girls than porn girls. To me, porn girls with their big fake silicone grapefruits and lips injected with Crisco oil, look like blow-up sex dolls. Yeah, the dolls have holes, but do you wanna fuck ‘em? I’ve given up on plastic porn, I only spank to real amateur girls.

Most non-nude amateur teens are Facebook sluts, cam whores, self shot cockteases. They get into taking self-shots, they’re a little shy, so they start with non-nude. Pray they’ll get addicted to the attention on Facebook! Pray they get encouragement from guys texting: show me some tits bebe! Before you know it, you’ll see some tits, ass, and if you’re lucky, pussy. Self shot girls will give up the tits and ass first, it’s some type of unwritten self pic protocol. Pussy is the grand prize. You don’t always get the grand prize, dammit. But you can imagine that grand prize, you can taste that grand prize.

And that’s what non-nude girls do for you. Stimulate your imagination and senses. You want to imagine these girls stripping, getting naked. This brunette hottie, has some great self shots in her gallery, I heart her hand bra self pics and butt shots in pink boy shorts, so it won’t be long before we see some totally nude tits and ass, but till then, we have her non-nude pics to spank off to.

Scene Girl Hotness!

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This emo girl has the most beautiful hypnotizing hazel cat’s eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s absolutely the epitome of emo perfection: evocative Urban Decay eye make-up, just a touch of freckles as if an angel dusted her with bronze glitter, expressive tattoo, twin labrum piercings, sexy black lingerie and just the right touch of Wet ‘n’ Wild shiny lip gloss that make her lips look like they are ready to wrap around the head of your cock. She should be the poster girl for scene girls. This is how to do it girls! This is how to rock. This is how to rock a self shot too. Downward facing self pic lol. Thank you beautiful emo teen girl for sharing this amazing amateur self shot with us and more amateur self shots too, if you click.

I’m sure a lot of scene girls got cameras or upgrades(!) for holiday gifts from jolly old St. Nick, so they better not pout or cry except to give us one of those hot pout-y self shot pics. I bet scene, emo, goth, punk, naughty or nice girls couldn’t wait to start shooting self pics of themselves as soon as they loaded the batteries into their new cameras. Fuck taking pictures of the blinking lights on the Christmas tree or winter wonderland snow scenes. I’m telling you why it’s time for bad or good girls to go to the bathroom or retreat to the bedroom and shoot mirror shots or hot self pics! To upload them, post them or sext them. Priorities for goodness sake!

Hacked Asian Self Shot Girls!

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Are you into Asian self shot hotties? This new Asian girls website is a dream cum true. Flickr, Mixi (an Asian social networking site), QQ (another Asian social networking site), Facebook, Youtube all were hacked for Asian self shot pics and porn videos. features Asian social networking profiles hacked for hot pics including selfpics like these two self shot cuties. And vid clips were lifted including tasty Asian girlfriend porn showing off those perfectly silky Asian pussies or shaved dark tan twats. These Asian girls even suck dick, get fucked and lock into lesbian action with their girlfriends. Some of these Asian girls are total self-shot amateurs and some are wannabe pornstars who snapped selfpics or shot vid clips. Oops, shouldn’t say pornstars, as they say in most Asian countries, Asian porn girls are “idols”.

Barely legal Asian teens might look so cute and innocent, but their inner slut wants to show off how hot they are to the entire world. These Asian self shot girls set their profiles to private, but Asian girls on social networking sites should know by now, nothing is private anymore! Check out these Asian self shot girls whoring with their cell phone and digital cameras and the really amazing Asian girlfriend porn clips. This site is brand new and isn’t recycled self pics and stuff you’ve seen before. You can’t find these hacked Asian girl pics and sexy Asian girl porn or lesbo vid clips anywhere else.

Asian Girlfriend Porn

Emo Girl Shows Off Her Natural D Cups

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Forever Question: Big Plastic Boobs or Big Natural Tits? Forever Answer: Big natural titties! Luscious squeezable juicy melons instead of those bogus boobie sacks… This ultrahot self shot emo girlfriend appears to be a little shy about showing off her sweet ‘n’ tasty nipples, but definitely not shy about showing off her absolutely perfect D Cups. Wait! Time out: This cute emo girlfriend may not be shy at all, she may be playing conservative cocktease to keep her emo self shot pic with her gf melons PG rated to pass the scrutiny of those evil Facebook censor minions.

At least this emo gf didn’t do a hand bra block-out so we couldn’t see her awesome tit meat. I bet she sexted this smokin’ self shot photo or her girlfriend melons to her lucky boyfriend or all the dudes in her iphone directory who she wanted to cocktease. And after she posted her self shot pic on Facebook? Who wouldn’t click : Like : on Facebook? Jealous haters! Yeah, there are bitchy jealous haters out there, but what’s to hate about these sweet teen tits?

These emo girlfriend self shot teen sluts can’t live without their favorite drug: attention! Emo gf sluts are total attention whores addicted to attention from guys and even other girls. They probably post a new slutty self shot girlfriend pic every day to suck up the attention and fave raves. You know this emo girlfriend never gets tired of reading comments like: GREAT TITS!

2257 – DMCA – Friends

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18 USC Section 2257

The owner and operator of this website is not the primary producer (term defined in 18 USC Section 2257 and 28 CFR Part 75) of any of the visual depictions or advertisements displayed on this website. The 2257 information for all persons or models appearing in visual depictions on this website, including advertisements, are located at the notated paysites, advertisers websites or at their registered locations.

All visual depictions displayed on this website are exempt from 18 USC Section 2257 and 28 CFR Part 75 as they are merely depictions of non-sexually explicit nudity or are depictions of simulated sexual conduct. All persons who appear in visual depictions on this website were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions.

DMCA conducts itself with integrity. DMCA notices will be reviewed for validity and appropriate action will be taken if necessary. Please bear in mind that is not the primary producer of any visual depictions on this website and is only an approved affiliate of various paysite sponsor programs to feature their proprietary photo and video content and websites.

Submit legal notices to:


While does exercise discretion when arranging connections with Friends, does not have any control over the visual, written or advertised content on these third party websites.

Blonde Emo Teen Babe

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Wow, who wouldn’t fall in love with this blonde emo teen babe in her black bra and panty set. This emo teen girlfriend has some lucky boyfriend out there who doesn’t even appreciate her devastating emo beauty. She’s more appreciated by her fans who follow every heartbreaking photo she posts on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, on her blog, etc. That’s why this emo teen attention whore has to post more and more pics of herself all over the net. Attention from one lame boyfriend is not enough. You know these emo teen sluts are obsessed with themselves and live for posting their self shot pics. These emo girlfriends probably try to outdo each other as well, like it’s some kind of competition: “OMG Shayna just posted this fuckin’ sick bikini pic of herself in her bathroom mirror, well take that Shayna, I’m gonna one-up you with my black Victoria’s Secret bra and panty set, bring it on beeotch!”

This emo girlfriend slut is such a cocktease. Just look at how she’s twirling her pigtail with the pink ribbon in it. Emo sex kitten colors are black and pink. This emo teen girlfriend is barely 18 for sure. You know she’s listening to some emo music, she’s on her computer, you can see the monitor lit up on in the background, probably updating Fuckbook with more hot slutty emo self shot photos. You know in this self shot pic she’s saying to all you dudes out there: cum play with me, if you dare lol 😉

Teen taking photos to piss her BF off

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This sweet little barely legal teen chickadee sent out a Twitter (with a self shot photo posted on Twitpic) then wrote a rant on her LiveJournal about her lame BF and his bad attitude. Of course she included a self shot teen pic on LJ too, what else does she live for except to text, tweet, blog, rant and take selfpics …

Tweet: BF is fn loser time 2dump his ass? or wait till after Katy Perry concert he has tix 4us

Livejournal: hi guyz well u might ask urself whats a fn hottie like me taking self shot photos for? well its fn simple u see my BF is just a useless jerkoff he told me no other guy would ever want me cuz Im a bitch and not all that. not all that? yeh he sez I need to lose some lard. its baby phat u fn loser and most guyz like that look. and y should I starve myself. my BF is just fuckin wrong secretly I think he wants to keep me all to himself I know plenty of hot guyz around would luv to be w me and to prove it I took sum sexy self shot pictures of myself. so tell me what u guyz think. Im 19 btw and I luv sucking cock and taking it doggystyle. eat ur heart out Darren after I break up w u right after Katy Perry concert. Gonna dress all slutty n take lotsa selfpics and concert pics to post on Facebook. so fuck u D-boy u fucked up.

Hot Teen Babe Does Live Cam

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The best part about this blonde teen babe besides how cute she is, she also does live cam shows at Here is one of her hot cam whoring pics and you can click over to her Imlive gallery to see more of her knock-out selfshots and slutty cam pics. This blonde teen put her own camslut self shot photo gallery together to tease and show everyone how blazing hot she is. If you’re lucky and she’s available, you can see her live on her webcam. Sometimes the Imlive cam babes will even do free live sex chat before doing a show so you can get to know them a little, see if they’re the cam girl for you to play and get off with. is like a candy store, but this girl would be the first piece of sweet barely legal teen candy I’d want to taste. I wish all self shot girls did live cam, not all of them are cam babes or cam whores, but all of them are attention whores!

Cam shows are basically self shot videos done just for you. How can you resist? Some of the babes on ImLive, like this blonde babe have also put up selfshot cam pics in their galleries. Their self shot cam pics are free to look at. So if you like self shots, this is another way to look at see self shots of girls who are totally uninhibited about showing off their hot tits, asses and pussies.

A Blonde Bikini Twofer!

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The only thing better than one blonde babe in a bikini doing a self shot pic in her mirror is two blonde babes in bikinis doing a self shot pic together. Called: a twofer. Two self shot girlfriends fer the price of one! These blonde teen babes want to show us what they’ve got going on. I heart the blonde teen baby fat look on these barely legal gf sluts. You know these gf sluts will get totally wild at pool parties, on the beach, at any Spring Break drunkfest or wherever their bikinis take them. They are unstoppable.

This smokin’ hot pic must have hit their Facebook or Photobucket and then it started making the rounds on the web, going viral. Who wouldn’t want to jack off to these teen girlfriend hotties. Their smiles can make you melt and make you want to grab your dick as you imagine squirting hot gizz over count ‘em, 2×2=4 teen tits. Those girls have some nice juicy sugar baby melons. Sugar baby melons are an actual baby watermelon variety, they fit in your hand and are perfect and juicy. I’m getting carried away but that’s what seeing self shots will do to you. Instead of insipid plastic pornstar chicks faking it thru their porn scenes, who wouldn’t want to look at real teen sluts being, well, real teen sluts! Reality is in, fake porn is out. So get into self shot photos and head over to see more of these blonde girlfriend babes here.

Just 18 with new camera

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just got this brand spankin new digital camera for my 18th birthday and couldn’t wait to take some self shot photos with it and put them on my Facebook post online and sext to all my guyz who were begging for me to star in my own self shots.

now i don’t just have to be in tagged Facebook pics taken by other ppl. wuz tired of that shit. i think i look hot. what everyone sez! so here’s 1 of the self shots i took, likey? i just turned 18 btw so yeh i’m finally legal. birthday haul: i also got a Pink Victoria’s Secret giftcard, Hello Kitty toe sox, Wet n Wild lip gloss set of 3 flavorz Strawberry, Electric Lemonade, and Tahitian Punch and the grand prize of cash money for my birthday. don’t worry definitely gonna buy more sexy bra and panty sets for more self shot pics. right now i’m in my polka dot set from Hot Topic. i already have a butterfly tattoo and wanna get another tattoo maybe a fairy princess or pretty swirlie stars above my cute crack yknow a tramp stamp lolz. click my self shot pic I have plenty more selfpics in my gallery including self shots of my sweet butterfly tattoo not telling u where it is so you’ll just have to click to check me out. i’ll be posting a lot of hot self shot pics cuz now I have my own camera. haha thnx for my best birthday prezzie everz! luv Drew